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Advanced Manufacturing System Overview

Advanced Manufacturing System is a powerful software suite designed to simplify the process of planning and managing production processes. Integrating accounting, production, ordering, and inventory management, the system can control all aspects of the production and involved accounting process via an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The system is the result of many years experience with a wide range of manufacturing businesses. It is built on up to date technology and is being continually enhanced to keep in step with a rapidly changing business environment. Because Advanced Manufacturing System is easy to learn, cost effective and flexible, it quickly becomes an essential part of business’s growth strategy.

To maintains and grows a company’s position in the market, the focus needs to be on the three key elements that drive the industry. They are quality, efficiency and productivity. The issue is when trying to maximise each element without having a negative effect on the other.

To manage this complexity is the ABM’s Advanced Manufacturing System.

A software management tool designed to simplify, organise, manage and control every step and element of a business’s manufacturing.


» Detailed bill of materials
» Material requirements planning
» Real-time inventory control
» Purchase order generation
» Reserved stock
» Serial and lot number tracking
» Flexible production runs


» Provide effective process management
» Reduce time and materials wastage
» Manage inventory stocks efficiently
» Enable production flexibility
» Understand true costs and variances
» Improve speed and accuracy of quotes
» Improve planning efficiency
» Generate comprehensive reports

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